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We have another AMAZING Mom Boss to feature this morning! I'm a little biased about this one, she is truly GOLDEN to me. We all have a "person" right? Someone we celebrate triumphs with and whine about failures to... Someone to build us up and keep us in check. Well *SHE* is MINE, my person. The best friend I could ask for in this crazy entrepreneur world! I'd like introduce Melissa Shaw from Darling Baby Shop

Melissa is a super talented and multi tasking mama! Just over 4 years ago she started her photography business and shortly after got into making Newborn Props for her Darling Baby Shop. For a long while she juggled 2 businesses plus her regular "day job"... And, most importantly, stayed sane through it all! As time went on she had a baby bundle-of-joy herself and has since simplified her life greatly. She has hung up her camera, quit her day job, and now lives and breathes Darling Baby Shop full time. And of course she still wrangles her one year and maintains a happy and healthy home life as well!

Here's her Mom Boss interview:

Your name?

​ - Melissa Shaw​

What is your business name, how long have you been in business, what service you offer?

​ - Darling Baby Shop, 3 years, photography props​ and (newly) a kid's clothing line

Do you have a studio/office/store? Or work from home? If so, how big is your workspace?

​ - I have the absolute pleasure of working from home. My husband and I recently remodeled our entire downstairs & it is turning into my office/my daughter's play room. My business continues to grow and my current office space is just too small. ​

How many kiddos do you wrangle daily?

​ - Just one (for now) and she is ​1 year!

How many work days/hours do you work per week?

​ - I work 7 days a week, and my hours differ. Sadly for my family, I'm working Sat & Sun packing and shipping orders & Mon-Fri I am cutting, sewing, answering emails, maintaining my inventory, supply shopping, planning upcoming releases, maintaining my website, designing and so much more! ​

How many days/hours do you THINK about work?

​ - I never stop thinking about work. I literally was thinking at 11pm last night, in bed, how genius it would be for someone to create a cellphone holder that rests on your pillow while holding your phone, so maniacs like me can continue to work, in bed, without my arms/wrists falling asleep :) I'm a big list maker and was making my Monday morning lists while in bed last night; I had a brilliant idea that I just had to write out so I didn't forget it!​

What is your showering schedule?

​ - Ok so this is an embarrassing question, but I'll answer it honestly. I shower every day, but wash my hair every three days :| Sometimes I don't get a shower in until 6pm, but I make sure I've showered! I always wear my StrawRev Studio Tie-back & that really helps get those three days out of not washing my hair!

What is the funniest thing you’ve experienced being a mompreneur?

​ - Causing my local Fabric Store's checkers to ask me, "are you really buying all this fabric????" Uh, yep I am!

If you had to describe your life (overall) in one word it would be: 

​- Fulfilled​

Ok that was hard. Use 3 words:

​ - Crazy but fulfilled​

What is a time where you felt “mom guilt”?

​ -​ I feel mom guilt just about every day :( I wish I could spend more time with my daughter during the day, as in, sitting down and sharing a book read together, but I have to remind myself that everything I do is for her and my husband!

What does your typical work day look like?

​ - My weeks are never the same. But, for the most part, I wake and make my coffee. While I'm sipping my coffee I'm making a bottle for my daughter. We spend the morning together and eat breakfast, I get her toys together and we head into my office where I start my day. ​I am able to get a lot done when my daughter naps twice a day for 2-3 hours each :) Although, she's been teething lately and is only sleeping 1 hour each nap.

What does dinner time look like?

​ - at the beginning of my career, I was grabbing anything that was fast and easy. After having our daughter, I have made a conscience effort to have dinner on the table by 5pm (my husband gets home early) and we sit and eat as a family. Sunday mornings I make my week's shopping list and head to the grocery store to plan our week's meal plan. The only thing I'm lacking now is getting exercise in! I'm trying to carve out an hour a day to walk, but that's so tough.

Has there ever been a life changing moment or incident when you realized you are working too much and need to cut back? Tell us about that moment.

​ - Yes, recently I decided I needed to set aside more time at night with my family. After dinner time, I make sure I'm sitting down with my husband and baby girl and we catch up! Sometimes my husband and I are just ships passing in the night, and this extra time really helps us decompress and spend quality time. ​

What is one thing that has helped you keep family and work life balanced ?

​ - That's a tough question, but I would say us making the effort to spend time together at night has helped. Phones are put aside, tv is off and we're focused on one another. ​

What is one product that you can recommend to other Mompreneurs to make life easier? 

​ - My Straw Rev Studio Tieback is so handy and helps me look somewhat normal, those days I'm in sweats until 6pm :) But I would also say my 30oz waterjug with a handle; I'm able to drink two of those before lunch and that ensures I'm getting my water intake in!

What can we find on your desk most days? 

​ - Oh my gosh, this is also embarrassing. ​My desk is always a mess: new fabrics, partially cut fabric, coffee mug, multivitamins.

Photo credit: Captured by Erin and Dreamy Moon Photography

What is your favorite thing to do FOR YOU?

​ - PEDICURE! I can sit, check my email, not talk to anyone and get my feet rubbed! it's my fave thing to do when I can.​

What is your FAVORITE thing about being a #MOMBOSS?

​ - I set my own schedule! ​

If you had a “Real Housewives” slogan what would it be?

​ - I may have bags under my eyes, ​but they sure are Darling, Baby!

Photo Credit Winnie Bruce Photography and Penguin Pictures

If you could have a super power what would it be?

​ - Freeze time!​

What do you want your children to learn from seeing you work so hard?

​ - Seeing that success isn't bought, it's earned and it takes a lot to be successful. ​

What is your idea of success "business wise"?

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. My purpose in business is to create affordable and timeless garments and props to the masses. I think I'm doing that!  I want my customers to be able to use my items over and over but also be able to use them in a variety of different setups, creating a different feel with each use. By keeping my items at an affordable price, yet not sacrificing quality, I am able to create timelessness that will never go out of style and giving you mainstay items for your collection.

We are all about giving back here at StrawRev, do you donate or give back to any cause?

​ - Yes, a local Dog Rescue, Valhalla Canine Rescue. We have a special place in our hearts for dogs and wanted to give back to a great rescue. We researched several rescues and Valhalla was our 1st choice. 

And DUH, what’s your favorite product in the Shop?

​ - Ummmm, everything. ​


Thank you Melissa for taking time out of your crazy-blessed life to answer a few questions!

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Darling Baby Shop is now blossoming into an everyday wear boutique shop for Babies and children. Check out her clothing line here and stay tuned for her (absolutely beautiful) Kid's line coming out in the next few months!


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