Embracing Your Inner Lady Boss
Photo by Agostina Dimartino Photography

Photo by Agostina Dimartino Photography

As Beyoncé says…

Who run the world? GIRLS!

Oh girl, if you are anything like me you are tired of “running your world.” Whether you’re raising kids, running a business, trying to turn your side hustle into your full-time job - it’s exhausting. As female entrepreneurs, we are constantly working on that balance of doing what’s right, getting the job done, and making sure everyone feels taken care of. Some days I’m sure you’re ready to throw in the towel. Ready to call it quits. But I’m here to tell you to keep going, to keep pushing, and to embrace your inner Lady Boss!

You are worthy. Worthy of greatness. Worthy of having everything you ever wanted. Worthy of creating a life worth loving. Don’t let the hardships and struggles of running a business force you to give up. Use it to push your further. Use it to make you stronger. 

Sister, you deserve whatever your heart desires! You are a Lady Boss! Fearless, strong, determined, hard-working, and incredible! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, never forget that. There is no one quite like you. You are a gift and you have SO much to offer to this world.

Photo by Agostina Dimartino Photography

Photo by Agostina Dimartino Photography

So go out there and conquer that to-do list. Send those emails. Schedule those meetings. Crush those goals. Chase new dreams and win more battles. You’ve got this!

Lady Bosses of the world unite! Comment below if you are ready to make the most of today and embrace your inner Lady Boss!


  Written by: @shaunaeteske

Hey friends! I'm thrilled you are here! I'm Shaunae - a wedding photographer, blogger, educator, wine lover, and cat mom who shares inspirational and educational posts for Strawberry Revolution to creatives and lady bosses just like you! 

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