Learning Newborn Photography with Blossom Workshops

Newborn Photography can be challenging to learn... The best way to learn photography is trial and error - And there's not much room for trial and error when dealing with the tiniest of fragile newborn babies! The best way to really learn everything up front about newborn safety and posing is to take a newborn workshop from a professional newborn poser!

Now... There are HUNDREDS of different workshops that you can choose from, so how do you choose JUST THE RIGHT ONE?

You can search online to your hearts content, but once you come across Blossom Workshops' site you'll know immediately this is the one to choose. 

The main reason StrawRev is so totally obsessed with their company is because of their attention to detail and organization. From their luxurious swag bags to their top notch posing skills and lesson plan. Everything is set up just perfectly for you when you arrive! They even have continuing education in their Facebook Group for attendees!

We wanted to know a little bit more about the girls (Stevie Cruz & Meagan Ready) behind this great Workshop experience so here's a little peek into their lives at Blossom Workshops:


Describe the Blossom workshops brand in 3 words...

Our brand is simple, elegant and energetic. 

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How did you girls meet?  Were you friends prior to photography? What made you decide to team up and host a workshop?

This is probably one of the top questions we get asked and we laugh trying to share the story each time. I always begin by saying Meagan hit on me but thats just a fun joke. We are both married with kids so thats obviously not it. Truth is we were the ‘chatty’ ones online in a variety of Facebook groups and enjoyed the banter of the photography arena. We would message online and chat in the groups daily. Months after we initially ‘met online' a group of our photography associates were planning a girls trip to Florida and we ventured along. It was a big joke with my husband as he teased me asking ‘I wonder if you will even be able to hold a conversation in person' since at this point everything was online.

We had a great time with the group of photographers and came home with a true friendship. We often joke that our husbands hear more of eachothes voices on the speaker phone than they hear of our own. Its now been 4 year and we chat daily about life, work, kids, exercise and everything in-between.

As for the workshop, our initial step into mentoring started on that first trip to Florida when we discussed the idea of selling a “guide on how to market a photography business on Instagram”  At the time instagram was still new but it was a platform we loved and still do enjoy. From that success came the opportunity to mentor other aspiring photographers in person at our home studios and across the US.  

In your words, what are three things you'd like Blossom workshops to portray?

STEVIE: Success, fun and beauty 

MEAGAN:  Integrity, confidence and success

How do you want your mentees to feel after leaving a workshop with you?

Confidence in their abilities, the willingness to take on the world and also growth from new found knowledge. We would love to think we bring a very unique workshop to the industry and are very humbled to have attendees travel from all over the world to join us.

Newborn photography posing

Obstacles are definitely opportunities for growth - Tell us about a tricky situation that helped you grow in your workshop/photography careers. Either early on or more recently....

So much comes from each situation and every business will have trial/error. We strive to learn from everything we do, such as how to approach a new launch date or how often to release new locations for workshops. So much of what we do is based off our individual businesses fails and successes. Running a business is no easy feat but its rewarding when your success is achieved based on your OWN standards. 

You put SO MUCH work into the small details of your workshops, I definitely think it sets you apart from the rest. What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone who is trying to stand out from the rest in their field?

I would say just be unique and separate yourself by offering something different than what is available.

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Have you had moments of feeling like you could throw in the towel? If so, how did you overcome that? 

You drink wine to overcome those feelings… ok not really but really…. 

You overcome those feelings by continuing on… it’s like running that last mile on the treadmill once you complete it you’re sooooo thankful you stuck it out. Over the course of weeks you begin to experience the result of change and growth. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone… embrace every bit of it!

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When someone attends the Blossom workshop what can they expect to learn/gain from it?

A direct plan on how to successfully pose newborn babies, how to light, soothe, and handle the newborns. We stress the importance of the business ‘side’ of this job as well which is a huge part for one to succeed in this industry. 

Who is more talkative? Stevie or Meagan?

Stevie: Hands down Meagan … but maybe me if I am drinking wine

Meagan:  Me. I don’t shut up. Sorry… maybe not sorry lol

Who is more organized? Stevie or Meagan?

Stevie: oh no brainer, ME all me. 

Meagan:  Stevie

Have you found the magical balance between family and business? If so, please let us know your recipe for success... 

There is absolutely NO recipe for balance. You cannot be in 10 places at once. It is physically impossible. If your relationships are valued in your life… highly consider outsourcing. Devote your time where it is most important.

When I am 100% mom, my clients suffer… when I am 100% business, my children suffer. Therefore, outsourcing time consuming parts of my business is critical. Raising healthy, thriving children is my top priority.

What is ONE THING that you say to your attendees EVERYTIME you host a workshop?

Stevie: "Lets have fun and sweat today!"

Meagan: "Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself and your business!"

One thing I admire about your workshop etiquette is how you treat your sponsors. You make sure to include them in your posts and shout them out as much as possible. Why do you think that is so important when hosting workshops?

It is a unique element we wanted to bring to the table. We are ALL about intimate details and emotion when it comes to experiences in life. Our sponsors make our workshops exceptional and unforgettable and we try to show our gratitude in any way we can. Also, we believe TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. :)

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When you host workshops in other states, do you at least make time to go explore and have fun? Or is it all #WERKWERKWERK?

Stevie: OYE, Its been fun but its been #werkwerkwerk lately. We hope to spend more time in the future enjoying each town. Ultimately its about our feeling of being selfish leaving the husbands and kids out of the travel fun. We have tried to vacation with family + workshops in one trip which was rewarding. 

Meagan: UH DUH. We like to fiesta. :) We have explored the beach and the manatees, walked time square, climbed mountains in Utah and so much more. Swimming with great white sharks in Australia is in the works for this year! Here is the link for our AUS workshop:


Thanks so much to Stevie and Meagan for sharing those stories and details with us!

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