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We thought we'd kick off the release of our new "Shine on" tees with a mini interview with one of the 23 UBER talented teachers at The Milky Way Retreat.

Let us introduce you to Susan Scott of Susan Scott Photography! Not only is she the ultimate MOM BOSS and a talented photographer, but she is a Full time Podiatrist! How does she do it all?? We may never know!

Susan is known around the world for her unique outdoor newborn photography. She uses gorgeous Southern California light and creative posing to create beautiful and dreamy Newborn ART. She truly is one of those 'ONE OF A KIND' photographers who stands out from the rest. She's carved out her style and brand in the industry so beautifully and we can all learn a whole lot from her!

susan scott outdoor newborn photographysusan scott outdoor newborn photography

Read her StrawRev mini interview below:

How did you start out? What was your set up like? What was in your newborn photography "starter set"?

Since I am an all-outdoor newborn photographer, I started with props out of the back of my van, and now my setup is still pretty much the same, except I added a wagon!

What is your VERY favorite newborn prop to use?

I love my vine basket that I found in a decor store.

What is your favorite color set to shoot?

Probably coral!

Newborn photography Southern California

Favorite Pose?

Head on hands in a bucket!

It's hard to find your style when just starting out and usually takes years to finally settle in and be content with our work... What tips do you have for finding it a bit sooner than most?

I didn't think it was that difficult! I just stick with what appeals to *me*! Do you!!

Comparing yourself to others is the thief of joy... How do you stay true to your individual style and use your creativity to the fullest?

I only do newborn photography because I like it. If I didn't like it I would just stick to my job as a podiatrist. I stay positive and do what makes *me* happy. I don't worry about what anyone else thinks :)

Why is it important to invest in continuing education?

Learning new things inspires me! Keeps me in a forward motion and not stuck in a rut.

Susan scott photography California newborn photographer

What do you think The Milky Way retreat can offer photographers that other workshops cannot?

It is such a motley crew of artists, there is something different to be learned from all the teachers! And you can do it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

What does "Shine on" mean to you in terms of being an individual the photography industry?

Don't let anyone else dull your sparkle! And be a light for others! You can be the best you!


Susan, thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy MOM BOSS schedule to answer these questions for us!! We will continue to drool over your gorgeous Newborn ART until the end of time!

If you'd like more info on the classes that Susan offers in the Milky Way Newborn Retreat you can read about on her Facebook page or The Milky Way site

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Shine on tee The Milky Way newborn retreat - newborn workshop

February 11, 2017 — Michelle Thompson

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