*NEW TEE* Shine on for you. Shine on for your art.

The Milky Way- Newborn Retreat is one of the *MOST* talked about newborn photography workshops in the history of workshops... 

This program gives you the opportunity to learn from 23 different teachers (who are the best in the industry) right from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost! You can watch the videos for each teacher when you have time in your busy schedule and at your own pace. Genius!

The whole concept of this online mentoring/workshop DIRECTLY benefits our target customer - Busy moms and women entrepreneurs that just don't have time in their schedule to attend a full workshop in one stretch. This is why we jumped at the opportunity to work with this amazing company on this new product and we are so excited finally share it with you all!

The theme for this year's Newborn Retreat is "Shine on"- Implying that whatever you do, do it with pride and do it YOUR way. Shine on and don't worry about what others are doing or saying. We think this is a great message to not only the photography industry, but also for life in general!

So, without further ado... We present to you our new Milky Way Retreat + StrawRev "Shine on" tee!

Milky Way newborn retreat Shine on teeYou can pre-order this tee in our shop by clicking here!

It is also available in a tank top version!The Milky Way newborn retreat shine on tank top - photographer tank topWe'd like to send a huge thank you to Lisa and Erin from The Milky Way for working with us on this collab!

You can read so much more about the retreats and the teachers at


 Thanks for hanging with us!


February 11, 2017 — Michelle Thompson

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