Why wait til Black Friday for SUPER AWESOME DEALS!?

Why wait til Black Friday for SUPER AWESOME DEALS!?

Join us during our Black Tuesday event tomorrow! We will have DOORBUSTERS til 3pm pst and 30% off of our entire shop!

Coupon Code: HOLIDAY30 is valid at Midnight!

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Here's 10 tips for navigating our sale tomorrow!

1. Go in and see what's available NOW, so that you can have quick fingers tomorrow morning because you've already decided your HOLIDAY MUST HAVES.

2. Set the timer on your coffee pot and get up 30 minutes early so you are free from the little rascals (cute but needy) and any other distractions.

3. Sign up for our rewards BEFORE you shop! This makes your money go even further with points for every dollar you spend! Find the sign up at the very bottom tab of our site!

4. Grab the DOORBUSTERS FIRST! These will sell out very quickly so be sure to snag them and checkout while they last! You can always come back for more!

5. Buy presents for your friends! We have tons of unique items that will be so exciting for them to open! Every lady loves prezzies that she can relate to and wear with pride! Our products will be a guaranteed HIT every time!

6. Share with your friends! Because DUH! Then they'll know exactly what to buy you!

7. Remember, the DOORBUSTERS are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exchanges or refunds will be given for these heavily discounted items. (We don't want them back! Gift them!)

8. Spend $100 and GET FREE U.S. SHIPPING on top of your already SUPER awesome stash of deals! International customers can spend $200 and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

9. Eat Christmas cookies while shopping, it just FEELS right...

10. 30% off is basically 40% off, and 40% off is basically HALF OFF so take advantage of this once a year BIGGEST SALE EVER!

Happy shopping Ladies (and gentlemen)!

Click here for Doorbusters

Newborn Photographer shirts. Shop our collection tees and stay put headbands for entrepruneurs and Mom boss gifts!

November 21, 2016 — Michelle Thompson