How to Prep for Your Upcoming Wedding Season

It’s June! Which for most photographers means it’s almost wedding season (except for our friends in the South and in the hot climates.) If your wedding season is like mine, you know things can get super cray and busy in just a matter of weeks! To keep you sane, I’ve complied the perfect checklist to make sure you are totally relaxed, prepared, and ready for this crazy ride that we call Wedding Season. 

• Clean Your Gear

Whether you are sending it off to the Canon or Nikon Factory for professional cleaning or if you are doing it yourself, make sure your gear is in tip-top shape. Nothing ruins a wedding day faster than realizing your gear doesn’t work or your lenses are too dirty!

• Check Your Calendars

Verify all your dates and times. Create wedding day timelines for each couple. I have each wedding specifically marked in my calendar with notes on each day. Every month I review what’s coming up so I can be ready for anything!

• Prep Your Attire

What are your favorite outfits to wear on wedding day? Check out your closet and make sure you have the right clothing for all your weddings. For me, that means comfortable yet stylish dresses (must have pockets), comfortable footwear so I can stay on my feet, and cardigans for all those chilly reception spaces. I also love prepping my editing attire for when I get home. I lay out my comfiest pajamas, my favorite fuzzy blankets, and an adorable Straw Rev Studio Tie-Back to keep the hair out of my face and keep my eyes focused on editing! 

• Prep Your Back-up Gear!

Not just your camera gear, but your emergency back-up gear too! Band-aids, umbrellas, sewing kits - everything you need in case the day gets crazy! These items can be things that not only help you but could help the bride and groom and their guests too. Check out everything that’s in my emergency wedding day kit!

• Take Time for You

You know life is about to get crazy so give yourself some time once in a while to relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine, snuggle up in your favorite Straw Rev shirt, and binge on your newest Netflix obsession. Your body and your mind will thank you!

busy season survivor. Photographer t-shirt. Wedding photographer tshirt

• Pop the Champagne and Do A Happy Dance

No matter how insanely busy wedding season gets, never forget out how lucky you truly are. To be a wedding photographer is a gift, we get to document the lives and love of some amazing couples. With each couple, I celebrate the fact that they trusted me with their special day. That gives me all the motivation I need to do this all again next week. 

How do you prep for your Wedding Season? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to get ready?


  Written by: @shaunaeteske

Hey friends! I'm thrilled you are here! I'm Shaunae - a wedding photographer, blogger, educator, wine lover, and cat mom who shares inspirational and educational posts for Strawberry Revolution to creatives and lady bosses just like you!